WB-100B & WB-160D Walk-Behind Spreaders
BLIZZARD® Walk-Behind Spreaders

Whether you’re drop spreading along narrow walkways, or broadcast-spreading across wider areas, BLIZZARD® Professional Walk-Behind Spreaders get the job done. Constructed of sturdy corrosion-free polyethylene, both spreader models feature a clear hopper cover to keep your de-icing material dry and flowing freely while providing a clear view inside, so you know when it’s time to reload.  With pneumatic tires and a powder-coated steel frame, these walk-behind salt spreaders also handle commercial ice-melt products, and are designed to provide trouble-free performance.

WB-100B Broadcast Spreader
WB-160D Drop-Style Spreader
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Model Hopper Construction Capacity Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Approx. Weight (Empty) Spinner Size Spreading Width Materials
WB-100B Polyethylene 100 lbs. 50" x 26" x 28" 25 lbs. 10" Up to 20' Bagged Ice Melters
Bagged rock salt
WB-160D Polyethylene 160 lbs. 48" x 38¼" x 36" 55 lbs. 10" 3' Bagged Ice Melters
Bagged rock salt

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